SUnday FUnday!!!

Well I had a pretty ok night until ..well until I woke up! I slept from about 9:30 last night all the way till about 330am..which in baby standards is a pretty long time!! When I woke up I was kinda stuffy and fussy but daddy immediately snuggled me and gave me my bobble so I could fall back asleep! Mama then got up with me almost every hour after that to either change me or get the boogies out which I am totally freaking over. She is no Dr.! Im jus sayin..where do these boogies come from!!??! Yesterday after i woke up from my nap I had em all over my face…Mama really didn’t like that! Im pretty sure it was one good sleep sneeze!!! Better out then in I tell her!! I have the same theory with my gas bombs! Go check out my 50 SHADES OF POOP blog for a fun read about thooooose!

We are preparing for a big storm today ….which means we are cooking gooood stuff and my house smells yummy!! Im lucky….I own a chef AAaaaaand a Singer!

Hope everyone has a great day!

 I tried to post a video but it required an upgrade so mama is on it!! Videos to Come!!!!

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