Ive been growing. I promise to catch up soon! In the mean time..my mama is getting strong and lean with Uncle TJ as her trainer…she bounces on this cool trampoline that I so wish I could use but she said NOPE! Even Karma my dog gets on that damn thing. I don’t think she is supposed to but one of us has to get some action and Im not turning in my best friend! F%$K that!


Great Weekend

Well Im feeling so much better! Man I really had the Poops there for a second! Im not really allowed to be around anyone that has been sick in like the last 3 weeks! Drs orders and Im ok with that cause man was my butt hurtin! mama really did a good job of keeping me comfortable but that means we went through almost 120 diapers in a week! THAT HAS TO BE SOME KIND OF RECORD…. QUiCK!!! Somebody call Guinness! there has to be some kind of trophy or award!! Anyway, now that I am feeling so great mama and papa had some friends over! I freaking love my Uncle TeeeJaaay! He makes cool beat box sounds with his mouth. I don’t know how the heck he does it but its so cool! I try to do it every time but it comes out sounding like a fart sound…which is pretty cool too! Everyone seems to get a pretty big kick out of it so I do it a few times in a row! The whole time he was here I was so dang tired but I couldn’t go to sleep I fought it and fought it until I couldnt take it anymore and finally I gave in so they could eat their dinner that smelled so yummy! whne am I going to be able to get in on that action!?!?! I’m kind of getting over this milk thing…I mean, how much milk can a baby drink!?!?


Great weekend!

Busy as can be….

So I know I promised all kinds of catch up blogs but life for a 3month old moves very quickly especially when you have a mama like mine! You all know I can’t type this stuff on my own so if she is busy I am out of luck and maaaaaan is she busy! She is launching a new product line with a new company and writing a song for a book that she is writing for a character named Lil Karma Bird by her old friend Chad!!! She is designing all the packaging and promo stuff for the product with her gals Super C, Sara, Ginger and Susie while getting the patent! All this while wiping my butt and making my bobbles while singing and dancing the day away!! I told her I would totally help if she needed it but allI have to do lately is look cute for pictures which is fine with me!  Apparently I’m going to be the picture on the box of the product! Who knew my fame would come this quickly!?!?! My Moms been at it for over 20 years! Guess I just got what it takes!

What can I say!?!?!



Ok ok ok Im BACK! Im sorry for being gone so long….I gained like a whole pound while away! Our computer was doing some really weird things and Mama needed to get it fixed! I don’t know much about computers yet but mama always says how lucky I am to have all this fun technology and something about her not even having a VCR when she was born…..but …ummmm….what the heck is a VCR!??! Ive seen the DVD but VCR!? She must be crazy!

As we ease back into the blogging I will be covering some things that happened during my absence!

~BuyBuy Baby issue and resolutions

~Old swing New Swing

~Mama works out now

~Coco and PopPopa BBQ

~The bug in my tummy!!


I’ll be back after I down some of this pedialyte!!!

Lots of Dragons!!!


So I’m so stoked….two more of my girlfriends will be born in the next few weeks …that will make like 9this year!!! I’ll have my pick of the litter I tell ya. Any day now lil girl kilijanski will be here in Austin Texas and then within the next few weeks baby Athena in California!!! I can’t wait to see their pretty little faces. I realize that sometime late October early November the Martinganos will be having a little girl that will surely be my wife but I can play the field til then! No harm! I’ve got this S#%T covered from coast to coast!!!



So to date we have:


Ella         Tampa


Skye       Tampa


Aleena    Tampa


Quinn      Tampa


Lucy          New York city


Kira          Tampa


Bella          Tampa


And I might be forgetting one or two gals but the rest are Tampa boys…my bad boys  Bennett, Jude, William and NYC Gavin!!!! Oh man oh man…I almost forgot BABY CAMERON CONDON will be here in November tooo!!! man oh man….will I have the coolest gang then!!!



And we are all dragons..that’s what my mama says…The Year of the Dragon!!! I hope we can all breathe fire one day…how sweet would that be!!?? …..VERY!!!



Talk about a baby boom…I’m gonna have one kicka$$ 1st birthday party!!!


Good Morning!

Well I slept pretty good last night until about 3am I think….sometimes I lose track…all I know is when I need someone to come save me they are there in a flash! Sometimes even before I cry my Daddy can hear me rustling around and takes me to change my diaper before I EVEN HAVE TO ASK!! Usually Mama will hear Daddy changing my wet diaper and start to warm my Bobble!! Mmmm the Bobble (aka Bottle)….my friend. I’ll have to elaborate more on that later! For now I hope everyone has a great Monday and keeps their bottoms dry and bobbles full!!!