Great Weekend

Well Im feeling so much better! Man I really had the Poops there for a second! Im not really allowed to be around anyone that has been sick in like the last 3 weeks! Drs orders and Im ok with that cause man was my butt hurtin! mama really did a good job of keeping me comfortable but that means we went through almost 120 diapers in a week! THAT HAS TO BE SOME KIND OF RECORD…. QUiCK!!! Somebody call Guinness! there has to be some kind of trophy or award!! Anyway, now that I am feeling so great mama and papa had some friends over! I freaking love my Uncle TeeeJaaay! He makes cool beat box sounds with his mouth. I don’t know how the heck he does it but its so cool! I try to do it every time but it comes out sounding like a fart sound…which is pretty cool too! Everyone seems to get a pretty big kick out of it so I do it a few times in a row! The whole time he was here I was so dang tired but I couldn’t go to sleep I fought it and fought it until I couldnt take it anymore and finally I gave in so they could eat their dinner that smelled so yummy! whne am I going to be able to get in on that action!?!?! I’m kind of getting over this milk thing…I mean, how much milk can a baby drink!?!?


Great weekend!