Busy as can be….

So I know I promised all kinds of catch up blogs but life for a 3month old moves very quickly especially when you have a mama like mine! You all know I can’t type this stuff on my own so if she is busy I am out of luck and maaaaaan is she busy! She is launching a new product line with a new company and writing a song for a book that she is writing for a character named Lil Karma Bird by her old friend Chad!!! She is designing all the packaging and promo stuff for the product with her gals Super C, Sara, Ginger and Susie while getting the patent! All this while wiping my butt and making my bobbles while singing and dancing the day away!! I told her I would totally help if she needed it but allI have to do lately is look cute for pictures which is fine with me!  Apparently I’m going to be the picture on the box of the product! Who knew my fame would come this quickly!?!?! My Moms been at it for over 20 years! Guess I just got what it takes!

What can I say!?!?!


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