Lots of Dragons!!!


So I’m so stoked….two more of my girlfriends will be born in the next few weeks …that will make like 9this year!!! I’ll have my pick of the litter I tell ya. Any day now lil girl kilijanski will be here in Austin Texas and then within the next few weeks baby Athena in California!!! I can’t wait to see their pretty little faces. I realize that sometime late October early November the Martinganos will be having a little girl that will surely be my wife but I can play the field til then! No harm! I’ve got this S#%T covered from coast to coast!!!



So to date we have:


Ella         Tampa


Skye       Tampa


Aleena    Tampa


Quinn      Tampa


Lucy          New York city


Kira          Tampa


Bella          Tampa


And I might be forgetting one or two gals but the rest are Tampa boys…my bad boys  Bennett, Jude, William and NYC Gavin!!!! Oh man oh man…I almost forgot BABY CAMERON CONDON will be here in November tooo!!! man oh man….will I have the coolest gang then!!!



And we are all dragons..that’s what my mama says…The Year of the Dragon!!! I hope we can all breathe fire one day…how sweet would that be!!?? …..VERY!!!



Talk about a baby boom…I’m gonna have one kicka$$ 1st birthday party!!!



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