Question of the day???

What do you think I’ll be when I grow up????




18 thoughts on “Question of the day???

  1. An amazing, beautiful, cultured, artistic spirit who is super well loved by lots of people that are watching you grow up through your Facebook page & now your new blog. 🙂 Your compassionate spirit will take you far, no matter what ‘job’ you do. 🙂

  2. A wonderful Father (cause you have such great parents)! Maybe even a brother and an uncle, hee hee. I predict you will be multitalented therefore, maybe you’ll be a singing/dancing chef. (again because of your great parents). What I know for sure is that your parents will tell you to follow your heart and be whatever you want to be!

    • Aunt Doone….thats alot of stuff. And it all sounds like fun!!! And my parents are pretty neat huh!?!? Theres a guy up there in the comments that thinks mama is crazy….not nice…but whooo cares…he’s still reading my stuff!!!

  3. I am going with the singing chef!! Between your Momma’s beautiful voice and your daddy’s cooking skills you’ll blow everyone else out of the water!!! xoxo

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