Guess What?????


So….I know I know…I haven’t posted all weekend and YES I’m getting the “where the heck are you messages”?!?!?! And yes yes I’m sorry …I AM….but I have to be honest…it’s so so so hard to post when my daddy is here! Don’t get me wrong we spend every weekday  morning together when he gets up  at 3:30am to pat my butt with powder and feed me while watching the news and rapping about world affairs such as ‘what desserts we’re gonna make when I’m big enough’ and ‘what kind of toppings I’ll want on my sundae’ but shit just got REAL—–cause IM TALKING! No S#%T!!! I’m all about the conversations right now!  Sure sure no one can really understand me but I like the way they pretend that they can! I’ll yell something  like “YO WHAT DO YOU THINK IM GONNA BE WHEN I GROW UP??” And they’ll say something like “ohhh really, you don’t say?!?! Wait…what??? I asked a question..a real question. I mean..I don’t really know how to use your big people words yet but come on…you don’t have to pretend to understand!! Uncle TJ said “OHH REEEEEEALLY, I TOTALY AGREE” after  I had said “Uncle Teeee… CAN I GET SOME MILK?” ….????? So wtf? What do you mean you totally agree, can I get some milk or not!!! 


Nobody gets me…but I’m telling you…I’m TALKIN OVA’ HERE!!! 

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