Go the F?!k to sleep

So one of my friends, Nicole got me this book. I don’t know what Mama and Daddy find so funny….I think it’s a great F!?king book! It’s not easy just to fall asleep as a newbie! We’ve been in the comfy womb for 9months and then we hatch into this world of all different kinds of elements that we know nothing about.
My mama sure is the Baby Whisperer (that’s what Daddy calls her) when it comes to getting me to sleep though…from DAY 1! So today’s blog is for all the new Mommy’s and daddy’s that are having any trouble!
First things first…definitely check out the Swaddle blog because that’s one of the very best things to start with when getting a newbie to sleep! We want to be wrapped up like a burrito so that it actually feels like we might still be in the womb…even though..We’re NOT! SIGHHH…..
Seeeeee…now that’s comfort!
Secondly…my mama LOOOVES the SNUZZLER! You’d think she created this damn thing herself the way she rants and raves about it. I’m not gonna lie..the thing is damn near perfect! Mama would get me to fall asleep in her arms after I ate by rocking me with a light shooosh shooosh shooooosh sound that she makes. She then put me in the SNUZZLER which she had placed inside the carseat so I was kind of at an angle…which helps me to digest my yummy milk!!
Me…in my snuzzler… in my car seat…sweet fort right!?!?!
Lastly …but certainly not least is my SLEEP SHEEP!! Ohhhh how I love me some sleep sheep! Mama actually took the little sound box out and places it wherever I am sleeping cause the sheep itself is a little big as you can see! (They do have a smaller traveler one) The sound of the white noise and the waves are my favorite! The whale sounds are downright creepy! Jus sayin…not my thing!!!
me and my sleep sheep..chillin! I think he was trying to give me a “fresh one” across my face but I’m quicker then that fool..this is my photo shoot, you’re just a prop!! 😉
It might seem like a lot to deal with but once you see how great it works…it will be like second nature!! I have to admit I’m a little spoiled cause my mama sings like a bird and often can put me out with a little lullaby! Babies LOOOVE MUSIC so I’m pretty lucky. My Dada sings too but his stuff doesn’t rhyme …but I sure do like his silly songs…they always have my name in them!
Learn this lullaby..it doesn’t matter how you sing it…your newbie will love it!!!
So to recap:
                          …I can’t freaking believe its all S’s …that’s by far the coolest newborn trick I’ve pulled off yet! Mamas gonna freak! Sometimes she whistles her S’s and sounds like a beaver or something…it’s pretty funny.
Whistlin S’s~~>  Mamas Whistlin S’s
And Ps. there are also times I wake up but I’m not ready to get up or eat or be changed…I’ve just kind of startled myself with my newborn twitches so mama will lean over my bed and put her whole hand on my chest and right in my ear she will softly whisper the shooosh shooosh shooooshes again until I fall asleep…usually is within a minute or so! Ohhh how those shooosh shooshes  get me every time!!! I think its kid of like the white noise sound but from my mama!
Take a listen:
See? nothing fancy! Justa buncha shooshin’!
All this talk of sleep has made me pretty scheeeepy…any questions or concerns will be answered after my nap….go practice your shooosh shoooosh shooo….Zzzzzzzz

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