The Almighty Swaddle aka Baby Burrito!

Before I was born I could hear my parents talking about this business of swaddling. To tell you the truth..i didn’t know what the F%$K to think! My mom would say swaddle and my dad would say “oh the baby burrito!!!!” BABY BURRITO!!??! Were these people going to eat me!?!?That didn’t sound like much fun at all so I was a little cautious at first! But man oh man was I wrong to not INSTANTLY trust my parents….I looooved me some swaddling! My very first swaddle: day 1!

I have to admit that it didn’t hurt that my parents were like MASTER SWADDLERS by the time I arrived! They would lay around in their bed and watch you tube videos of babies being swaddled! Then they would practice on Mamas old cabbage kids! Brilliant!! Here is mamas favorite swaddling HOW-TO video that she found for Papa! This really helped them both:

That shooshing STILL GETS ME TO SLEEP!

here are some of my many happy swaddling moments for you to see:

Me at the hospital so toasty and warm!

Daddy and I getting to know each other!

Time-to-leave-the-hospital swaddle!

The so-happy-to-be-swaddled swaddle!

Seepin-on-the-mama Swaddle

Chillin-wit-my-seahorse swaddle!!

My stellar-impersonation-of-a-glow-worm Swaddle!

seepin-on-the-deeds swaddle

The Happy-cousin swaddle

and then I started to break out…mom and dad would call it the Houdini…whatever that means! I just felt like …’look Im almost 5 weeks old and I need a little space in my swaddle..a little breathing room!’ So I would “Houdini” my left arm out all the time! Like so:

Or thee ol’ VOGUE SWADDLE….

Eventually I liked both arms out and have ever since:

Oh and one last thing….you cant swaddle a baby to put them in a car seat but I really liked this version of the swaddle that my mama came up with! It made me feel safe and warm and…well…swaddled!!!

Any blanket will really do for swaddling but I really really liked these ones my Grandma eva got me called Aden + Anais! Follow the link here to find the softest most comfy ones:

Best Swaddling Blankets


Happy Swaddling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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