Did you know I could DJ!?!?

ok …well…NO REALLY! But I sure do have the movements down! When I’m old enough my daddy is going to teach me! He has all these crazy records that he calls GEMS…whatever that is! My mommy has records too but she is actually singing on them! That totally trumps Daddys GEMS! hehe! Crazy thing about my Mom and Dad is they met in 1998 for the first time when my Mommy was singing for this huge event in Miami called ENVY and daddy was catering her VIP dressing room for her and her dancers! Mama said there was food and drink and all kinds of stuff …like she was a real star! She sang for over 10,000 people that night with a few guys called Mike and Charlie that Daddy happen to know as well! After that night they didn’t see each other again until 2006 when their friend Ginger tried to set them up! When daddy finally took Mommy on their first date Daddy realized that Mommy was the singer he had met so many years earlier!! Crazy right!??! Its like that meant-to-be, fate kind of stuff! Daddy sometimes says “I CANT BELIEVE I MARRIED JAIME Z!!” That was Mamas singing name back then! Mama seems to get a kick out that when he says it! They pretty much are the most loviest people I’ve ever met…even though I haven’t met thaaaat many people..I still think they might the LOVIEST!

im a lucky boy.


Super lucky…..


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