Driving Me Insane

Howwwwww shall I put this nicely!?!??!

Tampa Drivers SUCK!

I remember Mama telling Papa when I was in the womb that he would have to stop cursing at other drivers after I was born! Lets just say he hasn’t mastered that yet! As you can see in the driving pic above….I’M PRAYING…for us all!!

I’m not even facing the front and I know S^&T is messed up! I hear a lot of “ARE YOU F^%ING KIDDING ME!?!?” or “LOOK AT THIS GUY…BET HE’S ON HIS CELL PHONE!” He even called some woman a “DIRTY WH%#E” and I don’t even know what a WH%#E is but I know it’s not good! Lately he has been a little better but that doesn’t mean that the driving around has gotten any better! Mama says they make up their own road rules. Now that sounds like fun! Daddy said its so dangerous that he is going to buy me a tank for my first ride….RIGHT FREAKING ON!!! Ima need that in writing please! PIMP MY TANK!

One day Pop Pop emailed me asking me when I was gonna come over to swim!? He told me I could even bring my parents which was really nice. I emailed him back saying thank goodness I could bring them cause I was totally checking out this car I wanted but I couldn’t reach the pedals so I haaaad to bring my folks so they could drive! My mama said give it about 15 or 16 years and Id be able to reach! So I got that goin’ for me!!!!

Anyhow it was the first time we had really driven to Coco and Pop Pops so I was unfamiliar with the route! There’s a road called the VETS which I think has something to do with animals but I’m a baby so I could be wrong! Anyhow, here we are the cute little family driving down the Vets and people are ZOOMING BY US like we are standing still! Papa is even going over the speed limit a little, I know this ’cause mom noticed and that wasn’t pretty!

Now you have to understand that my car seat is facing these oncoming JACKA$$ES coming at me like RUNAWAY TRAINS! I mean..I’m a kid..I love me some trains but not when they are coming RIGHT at me at like a hundred and fifty gazillion miles an hour! F^%K that! That’s when I started to pray …yeah, this pic 

I was all like “OHhhh MY FREAKING ANGELS PLEASE HELP GUIDE US TO COC AND POP POPS SO I CAN GET MY SNUGGIES AND GO SWIMMING!!!!                                    (you can read about that on my SWIM DAY BLOG and I GOT ROBBED blog as well!)

It seemed to help a little bit but I could still see people ride up on us and throw their hands in the air like we were in their way! Then without warning they would whip around us and then cut Daddy off! No blinker or nothin! What is wrong with these people!? Is there something I missed!? Did we do something to make them that mad! Can’t they see there is a tiny lil baby in the car!? Weird right!? They scowl and give us mean eyes …

SO….I decided to give it right back to them! Like this….

 Look how stressed out they make me!?

Hey TAMPA!!! Slow down!!!

I’m exhausted.

Time for Le Nap!


(hehe…i kid i kid)


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