My C!

So…..this is my C!


She was one of the very first people to find out about me because mama and C were working together at the Dogs Bollocks in Ybor (best freaking bar everrrrr) and Mama wasn’t gonna be able to work there in order to grow me in her belly! Soooo yeahhh… and C go waaaaay back! Back to the WOMB! I finally got to canoodle her last night. I didn’t have a chance…I was in love pretty quickly! How could I not!?!? She snatched me up so fast..there was no time! I WAS SUCKED IN! It doesn’t hurt that she loves me parents so much. I figured anyone that loves them..I TOTALLY LOVE! C is super popular so I got a little extra attention last night and you know I dont mind that!! We then had our photo shoot! I must say I LOOK DAMN CUTE….and C was ultra comfy!



Cant wait to hang out with her again! I hear she knows karate or something like that….or at least I thought all asians did. That’s what mama told me anyhow!


1 thought on “My C!

  1. my baby blue! I was super excited to see you!! I cant wait till you get old enough to ply with the drum set im going to buy you and the ninja training will will do!! xoxo

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