Dr. Mom and Awesome Dad to the rescue!!!!!!!

So yeah..Im sicker then we thought! Its all good..Im gonna make it but man I just dont feel myself! Sneezy, cough, watery eyes….sigh!! Mama and Papa took me to BUY BUY BABY (man I love that place) this morning to get me some schtuff to feel better! This store is so freaking cool! There are so many things that Im not big enough for yet but Ohhh man when I ammmm….Im callin Coco and Pop Pop for a little shopping spree! TOdays favorite find was the Tricycoo….HAVE TO HAVE THIS!!

Of course Im supposed to be 18 months so I have time to Woo the grandparents! But totally love that thing! We did get a whole bunch of other stuff to help me feel better!! 

That whale tale cool mist humidifier is really helping me get some rest!!!

And oh my goodness the Nose Frida awesome!

It sounded really weird at first but Mama was having no luck with that ol’ boogie bulb thingy so she took one of girlfriends advice and got one of these!! She literally sucks the boogies out and IT WORKED the first time! She was like ewww…but I was like COOOL I CAN SEE MY BOOOGIES in that tube (mom was not amused)!!! Thanks to my pretty friend Skye for letting me in on this BOOGIE secret weapon!! This is skye…

She was hatched the week after me so that makes us friends for life! ❤

Lets see what else did we get!??! Boogie wipes…saline drops…OH OH and my daddy got me this Bear Pillow with our favorite football team on it!!! GI BUCS!! Check out how cute he is…..

and he folds up…..

mom wripped that tag off pretty quickly after this pic was taken! I guess she thinks I’m going to chew on it or something…But I am strictly Enfamil….Stuffed animal tags!?!? Gross!! What kind of foodie does she think I am!?!?!

Hehe…I even put the Bear in jail….heheheee~~~

HANDS UP BEAR, YOURE UNDER ARREST! ! ! ! ! I love my new pillow!!!!

Mama bought me a gift too and I’ve already watched it and loved all the songs!! 

She just wants me to be smart. Its cute. I’m like MOM..WITH THESE LOOKS WHO NEEDS TO BE SMART!??! But still…I love the video with all the colors and numbers and animals!!

And finally I got me a new Bobble….

Yup….I LOVE advent and this one is bigger then the one I already have cause Im growing fast and sometimes I want more then 4 oz of my yummy Enfamil!! Jus sayin’….a kids gotta eat!! So yeah I got hooked up today and should start feeling better any moment!! But for now….I think I’ll just go nap!! Juuuuus to make sure.

Mama sings me sweet lullabies and as much as I fight it…I fall fast asleep! She even puts them on her ipad so she can leave the room and stilllll be singing!! BRILLIANT!!

GOTOSLEEP lullaby for JBL

Until next time…..Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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