WHat A Day…

So yeah after all the MAYHEM yesterday I still wound up at the Doctors today! They are so nice at the Pediatric Alliance! I totally was so happy when mama picked them because I had no idea what they were but the word ALLIANCE made it very super hero like so these…are my super heros! Everyone is  always so nice and I don’t wait too long with Mama and Papa! I get to sit in the well room cause Im so new even though I really didn’t feel so great! What I like about the well room is its near the door so everyone that comes in and goes out either gives me a smile or strikes up conversation with my Mama! Dont get me wrong all these people are nice but maaan are they nosey…always askin my birthday, how much I weigh, crazy shit….I smell identity theft but nope Mama just gives up al lmy stats with pride. Strange she doesn’t notice the spy-like questions!?!?

Anyhow, turns out I have a cold. Really!?!? DO I?! And here I thought I was here for tennis elbow. My mom kinda look at me with the same expression! Don’t be fooled Mama didn’t know it was a cold…she thought I was allergic to Karma…MY DOG…AS IF!?!?!? Sooooo I may have gotten a little close to the dogs blanket.…Im just getting immune to her greatness…SHE’S MY DOG!!! 😉

So Im going to live…we are all safe here at the Bear cave!  Mama has to put saline drops in my nose if I get stuffier. I don’t think thats something she wants to do so Ima try and keep it clean!


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