SiCk DaY

So yeah, I dont feel so good today! My Mama noticed I had a little cough when she got up with me this morning, like she always does after Daddy does his morning daddy-duties! When Daddy got home from his run…(he runs a lot…and sweats even more….cant wait to run with DD one day)… Anyway when he got home he told mama that he had noticed the same cough a little bit too this morning but didn’t want to wake her …Well.… guess what!?!? NOW MAMAS A STALKER! No joke…every time I even open my eyes for a second THERE SHE IS hovering over me! Scared the S%$T out of me the first time! She used to do this same routine when I first came home after our stay at St Joe’s 5 STAR HOTEL. It was like she was addicted to watching me sleep or checking on my breathing! I kept thinking “IM TOO YOUNG TO HAVE A HEART ATTACK, LADY>>>BACK OFF!”And here we are again..back to thee ol habits I thought we had broke! Why just 5 minutes ago I needed to yawn..NO BIGGIE..NO FIVE ALARM FIRE…so I did my big boy stretch that daddy loves so much and let out a goooood looong yawn. Well…there just happened to be a little SQUEAK in there that I let out….A SQUEAK OF GLEE for an AWESOME STRETCH, but no..nonono.…here comes Mama darting across the house, thinking she is being all stealth and quiet when in reality I can hear her every move! She gets right over my face with these big concerned eyes and I’m FREAKING wide awake just looking back at her! YEAH MOM, YOU JUST GOT PUNNNNNNKED! And WHAT?!?! Should have seen her face. Man if I could only use a camera..I would surely post the pic! So, I gave her my normal little half smile/half smirk face, thinking that would do the trick, but no, she staaaayed and hung out next to my bed for another 5 minutes (which was nice cause she sings songs)…until I had to fake going back to sleep so I could get some play time cause I was feeling MUCH better and DO NOT need any Doctors!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CUE MAYHEM~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

So Im alone for about 5 minutes RIght? I fall fast asleep and my mom goes to work on my blog for me…its a great life being a baby!!! ALL OF A SUDDEN BAAAAAAAAM!!! No joke it sounded like an airplane landed on the house! My Mom runs into the room GRABS me and   we slowly start making our way around the house to see what the noise was…NOW… SHE HAD EVERY RIGHT TO BE HOVERING OVER ME!!! We looked in the kitchen, NOTHING! My room, NOTHING!! The Bathrooms…the porch….NOTHING….SURELY SOMETHING LANDED ON THE HOUSE!!! And right as we pass thru the hallway to the outside there it is …MAYHEM!!!! 

The closet organizer that Mama didn’t trust from day 1 GAVE WAY in the closet next to where I was sleeping!! HOLY S%$#T! THAT WAS LOUD!

I’ll never punk my Mama again. She’s my hero and obviously knows best!

Now…off to the Dr!!! Sighhhh…….


3 thoughts on “SiCk DaY

  1. Im feeling better. Mama called Dr and they told her I could come in tomorrow if Im not ok through the night! She kind of stopped stalking me…KIIIIND OF….but not really!

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