B.C. GanG SignS

My mom told me that I’m in a gang…well..we both are… her AND I. Its called the B.C. Its made up of all my Guncles plus a ton of other people from around the world…NO JOKE…I’M IN A FREAKING GANG! WE even have famous people like Jamar ROgers from The Voice in our gang! Don’t be scared…we’re a gang of love and honor! Its more like a family. Towards the end when my womb was REAL tight quarters some of the Oklahoma B.C. came to meet me. It was one of the funnest nights before I was hatched! There was so much love and kinship…I learned a lot that night! Here is my B.C. FAMILY….you cant see me cause I’M IN DA BELLY! 

Gorgeous right!?!? I know. They all loved my parents house and even more importantly MY PARENTS SO MUCH and were all so caring..true friends! We even took a super duper fun photo with the sidewalk outside where my Mama had carved BC a few months earlier after the city had ripped up the pavement and MADE A TON OF NOISE while I was trying to grow! 

That’s Mom and I with the blue toenail polish!!! Don’t act like you knew…Guncle Prada probably has blue toes as well under those shoes…BLUE AND ORANGE ACTUALLY! What a great idea this picture was and on the same slab of concrete where MY initials were carved and I wasn’t even here yet! But Im here now….so here you go:

I know…I got cute footsies…my friends and family are constantly doing SOMETHING with them….a nibble here…a tickle there (COCO!!!), mama even wrote that book about them called SOFT LIKE…look it up… its here!

While the B.C. were here I don’t remember any cool gang signs being displayed! WTH!?! I mean hey maybe thats something they arent into..thats fine!  I, however, am! So I’ve come up with a few ideas  for when they visit next… we can totally pick one. No pressure! Which one do you like!?!?


The Dr Evil?

The Homeboy?


The Wicky Wicky aka The Sir-Kix-Alot

THe Choo Choo aka THE PAYPHONE!




Hard to chose right!?!? I told you I been working on these! I just happen to have some time on my hands….cause well….Mom does all the work….I just act cute! We’re a good team!



8 thoughts on “B.C. GanG SignS

  1. This is awesome! Can’t wait to meet you baby blue. You have the best parents ever. Me and your guncles loves you so much and in true gang fashion we will “ride or die for you boo”
    Love always
    Ryan Schmidt

    President; CEO

  2. Jamison, you got a reply from THE BC President, Ryan Schmidt?! You really are an honarable member!! I’m so impressed! Never thought I’d be so proud to say my nephew is in a gang. Hang tough lil dude. BTW – all great pics but I’ll put my fav vote on The Wicky Wicky aka The Sir-Kix-Alot.

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