Tropical Storm RNC

So mama and Papa have been talking about this RNC and also a big storm that is coming so I think what they mean is Tropical Storm RNC! Apparently its about to get crazy! We were even thinking of going to stay somewhere else during the shenanigans just to be safe! What it sounds like to me is a lot of people we wouldn’t necessarily hang out with are going to be coming in and staying right around the block! Are they going to come and visit and bring me presents like everyone else? I don’t think so! What they are bringing with them is a bunch of rain and high winds..hence the storm part I think! Ughh nothin’ like a bunch of people blowing a lot of hot air around! ! ! Sheesh! I’m not very political yet so I have no idea about all this crap! All I know is I like my house. It’s cozy and warm and comfy! All my stuff is here too! And for a baby, I got a lot of stuff! I got my bobbles for my food, my crib, my lil bed next to mamas bed, my swing, my dog, my Papa, my blankies, my wardrobe and changing table! You know…EVERYTHING! I was born during Tropical Storm Debby so I’m not scared. Although I was in the hospital then being pampered BY THE WORLD! Not that I’m not pampered at home…its just that at St Joes it was like 5 star hotel status…I was a Rock Star and Mama was toooo!  We didn’t even know there was as storm happening outside. All we knew is we were in love. I have a feeling this Tropical Storm RNC wont pass by without notice!

Whatever…we’re still madly in love so we’ll just ride it out!


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