The Happiest Day

This was the day they found out they were going to be my parents!! They got to New Orleans on a saturday and mama didn’t really feel like drinking much which I guess thats what big people do in NEW ORLEANS…They drink lots!! She kept buying beers and passing them to Papa!! He was pretty lit that night! The next morning Mama didn’t feel well and even threw up..I felt awful for her! They got dressed…walked around NOLA…..very casually picked up a Pregnancy test and went to lunch!! When they got back to the hotel mama took the test and left it in the bathroom! Papa went in a few minutes later and came out with a LOOK OF ASTONISHMENT on his face and kept saying “It says your pregnant!….It says your pregnant!!” All along I’m in the belly thinking ‘Duhhhh IM RIGHT HERE LISTENING TO YOUUUU!’ I later figured out they couldn’t hear me! That was the best moment for my parents….they hugged and cried and all day told everyone about me..people they didn’t even know….it really was the BEST DAY! Mama had like super duper smelling powers and could smell EVERYTHING! It was not such a great thing seeing that New Orleans is filled with some pretty stinky smells but she remained happy anyhow…even through the stench! Maybe thats why she can put up with my fully loaded diaper bombs!! Im sure when Im grown up they will tell me this story a gazillion times….but they don’t get it…. I WAS SO THERE!!!


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