THese are my parents, Jason “Bear” and Jaime “Blue”. They were married on 10-29-10, even have it tattooed on each of them! They are amazing. They hug me and kiss me and talk to me all day long like I can talk back! Its very entertaining! They started to try and make me as soon as they got on their honeymoon but I guess I just wasn’t ready but EXACTLY ONE YEAR LATER while on their one year wedding anniversary trip in New Orleans they found out I was in my Mamas tummy….literally in the same hotel they were at exactly one year earlier! Maaaan were they happy! THEY TOLD ALL OF NEW ORLEANS THAT DAY!! When they got home they told my grandparents Coco and POP POP by giving them a bib that said ‘IT TOOK 9 MONTHS FOR ME TO LOOK THIS CUTE!’ Lets just say EVERYONE WAS VERY EXCITED! Im so happy I have the family I do! Little by little I’ll post pics of my most favorite people but right now…I need a nap!


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