Swim Day

Today I get to spend the day with my Coco and Pop Pop and go for my very first swim! They have a salt water pool and apparently I can swim for a lil bit with Pop Pop as long as the temperature is ok and I have my baby sunscreen on and I don’t get water near my itty bitty ears! Kind of sucks cause I really wanted to work on my tan…Im so damn pale….but that’s ok at least I get to swim!! And when I’m done swimming apparently my mom is going to douse me in my yummy smelling lotion! Ahhh I remember when I first swam in mommies womb….man are those days gone! Now I have to constantly entertain these people that stand over me making REALLY weird faces. I wonder if they know how silly they look….probably not!


Happy Monday!



2 thoughts on “Swim Day

  1. Totally bummed. No swimming for me. 😦 pop pop didn’t clean the pool!?!? Who does that?? Invites a baby over to swim and then doesn’t follow through??! Now….all I can do is nap. Thank God I looooove napping.

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