I been robbed….


Soooo I guess the rumor was false about the pool being dirty and not ready to swim in cause Pop Pop said the pool was CLEAN!!!  WTH!??  As soon as we even got around to going in, there was some rumble of thunder and we decided to watch a movie instead…..BORING! So I took a nap, duh! But NO SWIM!? All we talked about was swim swim swim!! Pop Pop even emailed me asking when the heck I was bringin’ my parents over there to…YOU GUESSED IT…SWIM!! I was robbed! I was gonna totally show off and be all cute and shit! Total photo opp MISSED!! How am I supposed to work on my baby portfolio if I miss photo opps like this!? Mama even googled to see if I was even allowed in that FUN pool…AND I WAS..THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Sigh…I did however get some snuggie time with Coco and Pop Pop and that was pretty awesome! That Pop POp ..he has some weird faces…I strangely love them but I wonder what people think when he does that in public…I try to look at them like “LOOK AWAY! LOOK AWAY!!” But it just winds up drawing more attention to my sweet lil face and they stop and stare!

Sigh….its so hard being popular.

But.. I accept the challenge!


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