Mama writes about me!!!


 “Soft like”

Have you ever felt something soft?

  I might have one thing that beats them all!

              Softer then  a cotton ball!

 Something made ……

         Softer then suede!


   Something felt …

        Like a soft leather belt !!!

Soft like A fluffy cloud up in the sky

 Soft like The hanky that wipes your eye!

 I know one thing softer then all

        Doesn’t come from something tall.

        Comes from something small and sweet

  It’s the very softest bottom …

             of a newborn babies feet!!!

(We’re gonna make a little book out of this…just wait till you see how cute it will be….we got lots of projects we work on in between my naps and my bobbles and my play time and cleaning-my-butt time…it’s GREAT!!!)

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