Hi! I’m Jamison Blue! I spent 9 months on the inside and was born June 21st, 2012 and now here I am livin’ the dream! Apparently I was born into some kind of fame because it seems like A TON of people I’ve never met already know me (we get visitors every weeeek)! My parents are these two fun, hip, successful people that are TOTALLY IN LOVE and smother me with it everyday! I look just like my papa, Jason who everyone calls Bear…he’s this amazing culinary arts instructor and uber great Papa that tells me bomb stories! My mom, Jaime Z whom everyone calls bLuE (like ME!!!!) spends her days working on her creative projects while singing and laughing and learning WITH ME! Oh, and Snuggies…you never seen snuggies like this! Off the snuggie Richter! We had a facebook page but someone apparently didn’t want me around so I got the boot! I bet it was that Mother Goose…she got it in for us babies. I’m not sayin she’s gonna do anything stupid…I’m just sayin’ someone might want to keep an eye on her, that’s all!

Anyhow, this blog is meant to be totally fun and informational and yes from my INFANT point of few….NOooo Noooo Noooo…I’M NOT GOING TO TYPE IT…are you kidding? IM A BAAAAABY!



My Mama will….somehow she can channel my inner most feelings and thoughts! If you like it…PLEASE subscribe for some daily humor and wit. If you don’t like it….tell a friend but I don’t want to know…I don’t ever want to hear I HATE YOU…Who says that to a baby!?!?! Simply move along to another blog. This will contain PG 13 language with some strong sarcastic thoughts…you’ve been warned!

Now back to my nap! Image




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